Fremont Sailing Club

Established in 1968
The finest Small Boat Sailing Club in the San Francisco Bay Area



The FJ is a 13'-9" high performance two person planning dinghy. The boats use mainsails, jibs, and spinnakers. Crews may use a trapeze, hanging from a wire from the top of the mast to help keep the boat level in stronger winds. The boat was originally design by Uus van Essen as a small Flying Dutchman for junior sailors. At the time the Flying Dutchman was an Olympic class boat, but it was too large for most junior sailors to handle.


The Lido 14 is a 14' two person boat with a mainsail and jib. The boat has a very comfortable cockpit and is easy and dry to sail. The class has a very active social as well as sailing schedule.

El Toro

El Toro is an 8' pram which is sailed single handedly. The boat is the first boat for almost all kids in the Bay Area. America's Cup skippers Paul Cayard and Tom Blackhaller, both Bay Area natives, learned to sail in El Toros. A very active social schedule complements an active racing schedule for the senior El Toro sailors.