Fremont Sailing Club

Established in 1968
The finest Small Boat Sailing Club in the San Francisco Bay Area


FJUS Fleet 65 is based with the Fremont Sailing Club in Fremont, California. Fleet 65 is affiliated with the Small Boat Racing Association of Northern California (SBRA) allowing the FJ sailors to participate in SBRA regattas.

In addition to a full season of racing on Fremont's Lake Elizabeth, local FJers participate in SBRA regattas hosted by a number of yacht clubs around the San Francisco Bay and at other locations such as Santa Cruz and Clear Lake.

The International FJ was designed in 1956 by Uus van Essen in the Netherlands. His objective was to produce a trainer for the successful Olympic class Flying Dutchman. Although smaller and carrying less sail than it's sister, the International FJ has become one of the most popular small sailing sloops in the world. It was soon recognized by the ISAF and stablished as an international class. The International FJ provides a challenging boat for both the beginner and advanced sailor.

The International FJ, or the sister CJ, is used by many colleges and high school sailing teams throughout the world. Active fleets are established in Europe, Japan, and the United States. In Japan alone there are over 1,400 FJs being sailed by high school teams. With it's lighter weight, spinnaker, and trapeze, the International FJ provides greater performance than the CJ.

FJUS, the US Class Association provides a forum for the FJ sailor to exchange ideas and knowledge. The class organizes regional and national championships and publishes the Jottings. Click here for a recap of a family vacation to the 2000 Nationals.

Used boats range in price from $1,000 to $2,400. New boats are approximately $5,000 depending on options and delivery charges.

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Length                 13'-6"
Beam                    5'-2"
     (board up)            6"
     (board down)       2'-9"

Main Sail Area            63 sq-ft
Jib Area                  37 sq-ft
Spinnaker Area            75 sq-ft



For more information contact:
John Christman - Fleet Captain